Case Study : Happy Patient after Robotic Breast Cancer Surgery


This is about Tamanna(name changed), 28 yr female mother of an infant and her battle with breast cancer. She was diagnosed in advanced stage, fortunately had a very good response to systemic therapy.

She was keen to get cured from her breast cancer and at the same time with minimal mutilation.

Diagnosis & Treatment

The primary tumor site as well as the regional lymph nodes did show any active disease on PET CT evaluation. The surgical procedure performed on her by Dr Mandeep S Malhotra and his team from CK Birla Hospital was Robot assisted skin sparing resection of the primary tumor site, Sentinel Lymph Node evaluation of axillary disease and Latissimus tissue was harvested to fill the defect in caused by breast cancer resection, reconstructing the breast back to its original size and shape at the same time.

Robotic Assistance Breast Surgery

Robotic Assistance helped preserving the original breast skin without any ischemia and loss of sensation. It avoided the unsightly incision at the back, the latissimus tissue was harvested from axilla and brought to fill the breast defect.

After Surgery

The patient came in with breast cancer and walked out cancer free with the same functional breast.

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