Case Study : Patient from Kenya after successful Robotic Breast Cancer Surgery in India

This is about a woman in her late 60s, she had two cancers in her left breast, one at 1 o clock and another at 3 o clock position. Fortunately, the cancer was an early-stage disease, skin was not involved and axillary spread was also not present. An incision was given in the lateral mammary crease which extended into axilla.

The breast tissue from 12 o clock to 4 o clock was excised using robotic assistance enabling a nipple sparing approach. The Sentinel lymph node biopsy was performed and through the same incision, robotic assistance enabled us to harvest the Latissimus tissue from the back and fill the breast defect.

Thus, a through single 5 – 6 cm lateral mammary crease incision robotics made it possible to remove multifocal breast cancer completely and precisely. It also facilitated the harvest of latissimus tissue from back and reconstruct the breast back to normal size, shape and fuctionality.

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